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By Christopher Stone

What’s more compelling than photos of fit, handsome, nude men posing for our pleasure? Photos of fit, handsome, nude, famous men.
Famous flesh packs a much higher voltage than anonymous skin. It’s one thing when a teen runaway strips to keep body and soul together. It’s something else when the fed-and-famous strip, defying society, showing us what lurks beneath the Armani suits and silky underpants. Dating back to the earliest days of caricature and photography, our appetite for famous flesh is insatiable.

For their part, the famous strip willingly for our erection. By nature, show business, sports, and modeling stars are exhibitionists. Being watched is their business. As Ashton Kutcher put it after doing a recent nude scene in A Lot Like Love: “I like being nude. So for me, it wasn’t tough.” Many of the famous and rich would agree.
The shortlist is the one composed of those who haven’t posed semi or fully nude. Many Internet sites, both fee and free, are devoted to famous nude flesh. Unless you’ve money to burn, don’t pay. Thousands of nude celebrity images, many homoerotic, are available for free.

Want to see what’s between Brad Pitt’s golden thighs? His full frontal (and perky rear) published in Playgirl, and on the Internet, leave nada to the imagination. Not content to see Tom Cruise simply shirtless? Glimpse his circumcised pecker in the 1983’s All the Right Moves. The truth is out there, and so are David Duchcovny’s frontal photos from New Year’s Day.

Perhaps you like your famous flesh nude and raunchy. No problem. Before starring in NBC’s PG-rated Law & Order: SVU, sexy Christopher Meloni appeared in two of the raunchiest non-porn nude scenes in history: both of them on HBO’s Oz. In one episode, he is nude, pissing into a pot. In another episode, Meloni bends over spreads his ass cheeks, showing off his hairy pucker. The very explicit photos can be seen on many free Internet sites.

Former MTV VJ and WB sitcom star Simon Rex went Meloni one better. In a series of gay-oriented adult videos, Simon not only bared his jewels, he spanked them to orgasm (Hot Sessions 11 & 12).

Most American celebrities are unwilling to be as out there as Meloni and Rex, but it’s common to see the foreign famous nude, erect, even jacking for their fans.

Ryan Carnes made a big splash as the gay gardener on ABC’s hit Desperate Housewives. But he caused a virtual tsunami showing everything in this spring’s indie film Eating Out.
Want your flesh bare and royal? Again, no problem. Paparazzi cameras have caught Great Britain’s Prince Andrew fully nude several times. His nephews, William and Harry, have yet to be caught willy-out, but have been snapped in swim trunks and shirtless.

Artistically speaking, among the best of this genre are Bruce Weber’s nude, erotic pictures of models the Brewer Twins, and Greg Gorman’s elegant full frontals of NBC’s Las Vegas heartthrob Josh Duhamel.
To the web we go for the show

Type “nude celebrity” in your browser and you’ll get more hits than the entire Motown Record catalog.
The site http://www.pridesites.com/frontalimp/ is a personal favorite. Hundreds of famous flesh images, arranged alphabetically in a veritable dicktionary. Before opening the picture, codes tell you whether the picture contains an erection (e), pubes (p), simply rear (r), or hardcore action (x).
http://lovers-lane.porncity.net/975/dnmca.html is Dewey’s Nude Male Celebrity Archive. Many nude, erotic treasures: alphabetized and free.

www.hunkvideo.com. This is the Campfire Main Menu. Scroll down to the Discussion Board link. Once there, you’ll find scores of famous flesh photos, many from the worlds of sports, modeling, show business, and royalty mixed in with everyday Joes, drunk frat boys and others such as South American pop stars, father-son nudes, and Olympians, nude and fully erect.

Horsey’s Male Celebrity DISHcussion Board at http://www.wwmen.com/horseyncm/board/board.html has fewer photos, but some vintage gems. Weber’s exquisite Brewer Twins series and Gorman’s full-frontal Duhamels are here. Also, Don Johnson and Sal Mineo, nude, simulating fucking, on stage in the late 1960s play Fortune and Men’s Eyes.

Over at filth2go.com, an entertainment gossip site, is one of the biggest collections of celeb pics arranged in alphabetical order. It’s not free, but it might be worth the money for the ardent famous flesh fan.
For as long as we crave famous flesh, there will be celebrities willing to strip for our pleasure. And, like the song “The Twelfth of Never” says, that’s a long, long time.



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