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Your Personal Trainer: How To Build Your Body

  Nice Ass  

The Title Says It All

Photographer David Aden Sprigle must really like ass. Men’s asses. His backside proclivity is fully documented in his aptly titled black and white photo book Nice Ass. It’s 115 pages of enough cutie booty to satisfy any butt-crazed rapper (that is, if that rapper likes getting all up in dat male azz).

David says his obsession for ass started in high school.

“I was on the track team and we would shower with the football team after practice,” he says. “Both sports build nice asses. I couldn’t help but enjoy and appreciate what I saw.”

It was only natural that as an adult he’d end up pointing a camera at men’s backsides on a regular basis.

The idea for Nice Ass came to David one day when he was digging through a box of his photo prints.

“I kept mumbling to myself ‘nice ass’ after every other photo I saw,” he says. “It was then I thought it may make a good book for the public.”

Nice Ass is available at bookstores and through fotofactory.com and 310-396-2949.


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Nice Ass Nice Ass Nice Ass  
Nice Ass Nice Ass Nice Ass  

Photos courtesy of David Aden Sprigle

Better Ass...

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